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GB Schooling is a professional education consultants established in Singapore since 2009. It has served nearly 3,000 international students at home and abroad with an international concept, creating a high-quality, safe, professional and reliable one-stop service for students studying in Singapore.

GB Schooling has close cooperation relationship with more than 100 public and private schools in Singapore. GB team with more than 16 years of rich experience, has applied for prestigious, undergraduate and postgraduate universities and has satisfied application results. We not only provide clients with applications for schools and Visas, but also provide After-services for students (homestays, guardians, pick-ups, etc.), extra-curricular tutoring, campus tours and other services.

Our goal is to help students make better decisions of the school and increasing the chance of entering the prestigious school. Attentive and professional service is our attitude.

GB Schooling, a warm and professional education consultants.

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